About Us

Thriving, an urban resource collaborative that seeks to systematically provide sound theological training, character development and functional tools among urban leaders. Our 4th annual Thriving Summit will be taking place at Epiphany Fellowship at 1632 W. DIAMOND ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19121 in 2014 where urban church leaders and church planters nationwide plan to attend.

We are excited to announce this year, instead of mostly main sessions, the conference will consist primarily of breakout sessions, with a few main sessions also. We're calling these breakouts "Premium Sessions" because they are designed to help the urban missionary, both man and woman, to effectively engage in specific areas of urban ministry.

  • Engaging Men
  • Engaging Women
  • Church Planting
  • Small Groups & Community Life in the City
  • Outreach
  • Community Development
  • Leadership Development

You don't want to miss this year's event that will still have theological depth but also rich practical application.

  • Sometimes you have to go through Hell to get someone else to Heaven. Acts 16, make disciples
    Blake Wilson
  • If you are a new church plant and you have your hand out for resources and are not becoming a resource to others you're not thriving
    Blake Wilson
  • To reach the urban context we have to make the church in God's image and not in our own image.
    Eric Mason
  • If we want to give people theology we have to remember give them theology through love as well.
    Eric Mason
  • Leaders are marked by brokenness. Brokenness is a permanent sense of God neediness and a Holy handicap that keeps you dependent upon God.
    Dr. Crawford Loritts
  • You cannot have a strong church, movement, or organization without strong men. And you cannot have a plan without strong men.
    John Bryson
  • Every man walks in the shadow of the 1st Adam, or in the Light of the 2nd Adam, Jesus.
    John Bryson



Eric Mason

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11:30 am | Registration & check in opens

1:00 pm | Worship

1:20 pm | Pastor Jerome Gay | Welcome

1:30 pm | Dr. Eric Mason | Session One | Fight for Gospel Truth (1Timothy 6:12)

2:20 pm | Break

2:55 pm | Panel | Session Two | Fighting for the Church (plants & transitions)

3:40 pm | Break

4:10 pm | Pastor H. B. Charles II | Session Three | Fight for Maturity and Purity (1Tim 4:11-16)

5:10 pm | Q & A

5:30 pm | Logos Presentation and Meal

6:30 pm | Dismiss


8:30 am | Doors Open

9:00 am | Doxa | Worship

9:30 am | Pastor Jerome Gay | Welcome

9:35 am | Dr. Crawford Loritts | Fighting to Walk with God (He 12:1-2)

10:35 am | Q & A

10:55 am | Break

11:05 am | Dr. John Bryson | Fight to Lead (Joshua 1)

12:05 pm | Panel | Leading in the Urban Context

12:30 pm | Regional Breakout Lunch (Sponsored by Cru/Chick Fil-A)

2:00 pm | Pastor Blake Wilson | Fight for Love (Gal 5:13-15)

3:00 pm | Q & A

3:30 pm | Break

4:00 pm | Dr. Dan Williams | Fight for Your Family (Neh 4:14)

5:00 pm | Dismiss


This 2 day event will be held at Epiphany Fellowship at 1632 W. DIAMOND ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19121 in 2014.